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DXN Cordyceps Mushroom

DXN Cordyceps - Cordyceps sinensis is one of the most valued Chinese medicinal fungi that is naturally found in the highlands of China. It contains an abundance of nutrients and active ingredients including:
- Cordycepic Acid
- Cordycepin
- Amino Acid
- Glutamic Acid
- Polysaccharides
- Vitamin B12

What is Cordyceps?
Cordyceps is a highly valued medicinal mushroom in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern clinical practice. In China it is called " winter worm, summer grass", and the "caterpillar mushroom". Cordyceps is found in the highlands of China, Tibet, and Nepal, above 10,000 feet. DXN Cordyceps is cultivated from vegetable culture, so it is safe for all to consume.

Is the Cordyceps considered a heaty herb?
The nature of Cordyceps is neither heaty nor cooling. In fact, Cordyceps is a gentle tonic with no adverse side effects and may be taken on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time.

What are the compositions of Cordyceps?
Cordyceps contains abundance of nutrients and active ingredients such as cordycepic acid, cordycepin, amino acids, glutamic acid, polysaccharides and vitamin B12.

What is the action of cordycepic acid in our body?
Modern medical research has revealed that the cordycepic acid in the Cordyceps can relax the bronchia and strengthen the adrenal glands. Long term administration can reinforce the body against foreign attacks, improve the functioning of organs, strengthen the immune system and in turn, help to bring longevity.

How does Cordyceps enhance endurance & energy?
Cordyceps gives the body increased vitality and energy. It increases vitality and stamina by :
i) Improving the cellular energy production
ii) Enhancing the utilization of oxygen in the body
iii) Increasing blood circulation, making oxygen and nutrients more rapidly available to all parts of the body.

How does Cordyceps help people with respiratory tonic?
Cordyceps caught public attention in 1993 when a group of Chinese athletes who have supplemented Cordyceps in their diet broke the world records in the 10,000, 3000 and 1,500 meter events at the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in German. The use of Cordyceps by these athletes to increase endurance may partly owe to its relaxing effect on the airways. The effects of Cordyceps on the airways which lessening their resistance to relaxing and opening could also help to explain the traditional use of this medicinal plant in treating various diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis.

How does Cordyceps protect our kidney?
The primary use of Cordyceps in Traditional Chinese Medicine is in the treatment of kidney disorders. Cordyceps improves kidney functions and it was shown to return levels of infection-fighting T cells to normal in kidney transplant patients. The prominent kidney specialist professor Li Shuo Shin discovered that Cordyceps can prevent kidney damage caused by antibiotics and other drugs without reducing their antibiotic effect.

Is Cordyceps effective for strengthening the immune system?
Cordyceps appears to be one of the most adaptive immunomodulators. It has been the subject of many studies in immunostimulation and has shown potent effects. The active constituents are water-soluble polysaccharides. Hunan Medical University has conducted a study on the ability of Cordyceps to stimulate natural killer (NK) cell activity in 1992. Researchers found definite activation of NK cells in cell cultures and in animals This means Cordyceps is also a significant anti-tumor agent.

Does Cordyceps provide help for male patient with energy problem?
Yes. Cordyceps is effective in revitalize the energy level of male patient.

Can Cordyceps enhance the liver function?
Yes. Studies have shown that Cordyceps can help treat some liver diseases. In one clinical trial, cirrhosis of the liver following hepatitis was treated with Cordyceps, which was found to improve symptoms and liver-cell structures dramatically.

Does Cordyceps help in lowering cholesterol level?
Yes. Clinical studies have shown that Cordyceps can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol and increase the amount of HDL cholesterol in people of all ages. In a study in which 9 hospitals participated with a total of 273 patients, a two month daily treatment with 3 grams of Cordyceps (the equivalent of four capsules) lowered the total cholesterol by 17%. Beneficial cholesterol (HDL) was elevated by 27%, while triglyceride concentration was lowered by 9% on average.

Can Cordyceps help in improving symptoms of fatigue?
Yes. There are many indications for the use of Cordyceps in the treatment of fatigue and weakness, and it is used by athletes and non athletes of all age groups.

Why is DXN Cordyceps superior to wild Cordyceps ?
DXN has chosen the best strain of wild Cordyceps and organically cultivated it in a controlled environment. DXN Cordyceps contains pharmacologically active components similar to those of the wild Cordyceps and its potency is more stable and safer.

What differentiate DXN Cordyceps from other competitor's products ?
a)Selection of high quality strain of DXN Cordyceps
b)Unique organic nutrition for development
c)Total quality management from cultivation to finish goods.
d)Produced by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory with exclusive laboratory and state-of-art equipment.
e)Advanced technology processing that preserves the nutrients.
f)Without any chemical additives and preservatives.
g)100 % plant product
h)Halal certified
i)Easily digested and absorbed by the body.
j)Suitable for all age and for long term consumption
k)Extremely easy to consume

How does DXN assure the quality of Cordyceps?
DXN Cordyceps is strictly processed into tablet or powder and sealed directly into bottles or sachets. Each day, our farm technical staff will conduct quality control tests on it; from the laboratory to the packaged product. In this way, we can guarantee the quality, purity and potency of the product to the customer.

What form of DXN Cordyceps is available in the market?
DXN offers the Cordyceps in both tablet and powder form.

Who should take DXN Cordyceps ?
DXN Cordyceps is great for people of all ages, including children.

Is DXN Cordyceps suitable for pregnant women?
DXN Cordyceps is a safe product to be consumed by everyone even during pregnancy. However, pregnant women may also consult their physicians before taking DXN Cordyceps.

Is DXN Cordyceps Halal certified?
Yes, The Islamic Development Department Of Malaysia (JAKIM) acknowledges DXN Cordyceps and this product is Halal certified.

Is DXN Cordyceps suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, our DXN Cordyceps is cultivated organically and is grown completely without the use of animal nutrients and is therefore an ideal health supplement for vegetarians.

Is DXN Cordyceps addictive?
No. The ingredients in DXN Cordyceps are nutrients. DXN Cordyceps is considered a food by your body. It is like eating vegetables and fruits. A person will not be addicted to DXN Cordyceps.

Is there a limit to the intake of DXN Cordyceps Tablet or Powder?
No. It is recommended for an average healthy person to take 6 tablets or one sachet daily to maintain his / her health. DXN Cordyceps is also safe to take with other DXN products.

Can I take the DXN Cordyceps if I am on western medication currently?
Consumers who are on western medication can still consume the DXN Cordyceps normally.

If I have been consuming DXN Cordyceps for some time, would there be any adverse effects if I stopped taking the product?
No. DXN Cordyceps is totally natural. It is free of preservatives, artificial coloring, flavouring, pesticide and synthetic ingredients. It is a gentle tonic suitable for long term consumption by all ages and for all seasons with no contra-indications and adverse side effects.

Does consuming DXN Cordyceps cause any side effect?
No. DXN Cordyceps is totally natural. It is free of preservatives, artificial coloring, flavor pesticide and synthetic ingredients. It is a gentle tonic suitable for long term consumption by all ages and for all seasons with no contraindications and adverse side effects.

Will DXN Cordyceps lose its efficiency if I take it over a long period of time?
No. Unlike synthetic substances commonly used in medicine and other products that would lose effectiveness after prolonged use, DXN Cordyceps possesses natural nutrients that are needed, and readily absorbed by our bodies.

What is the best time of the day to take the DXN Cordyceps?
DXN Coryceps can be taken at any time of the day, before or after a meal.

How to consume DXN Cordyceps Powder?
DXN Cordyceps Powder is very easy to consume. It can be taken directly or mixed into water or alternatively, added into soup, porridge or drink.

Does DXN Cordyceps in powder form have the same effect as the tablet?
Yes. Both of the powder and tablet provide you the same health benefit. The powder offers flexibility in the amount that can be taken at any time. The advantage of the powder is that it is an alternative choice for those who are unable to swallow tablet and suitable for children or infant . In addition, it is also versatile. It can be added into water, drinks or soups. The tablet offers convenience - they do not need to be measured out and can be handled easily while traveling.

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